Appropriate Technology @ Affordable Price





Technical features and benefits:

  • Balck Hills Welding Transformer is designed with latest technology and scientifid approach.
  • Black Hills Welding Transformer is manufactured with complete indigenous design and material with appropriate technology.
  • No electronic components are used. This gives it robust, reliable and efficient design. This makes maintenance and repairs easy.
  • High quality stamping and winding wire is used in the machine, which reduces the losses of electricity and makes the machine more energy-efficient.
  • High quality winding insulation increases the life of the transformer.
  • The main benifit of SMART series is the possibility to use them with one or two phase power supply.
  • Black Hills welding transformers are designed with special sheet-metal body cover, which ensures that fan mechanism is not required for cooling. This design saves the electricity, reduces the cost and increases the reliability of the machine.
  • Due to special design, Black Hills SMART welding transformers are easy to lift and portable.
  • Every unit is built for the most efficient and reliable performance as well as long operational life. Yet the SMART range in its class is economical in price and operational cost.

Smart 150
Smart 150
Smart 150 Smart 250

Technical Data:

Specifications SMART 150 SMART 250
Input Supply 230V 1 Phase or 415V 2 Phase, 50 Hz
Welding Current 45A to 150A 50A to 250A
Duty Cycle
(10 min @ 40 C)
85A @ 100% 130A @ 100%
Open Circuit Voltage 45V to 50V 55V to 60V
Welding Rod Size 1.6 mm to 3.15 mm 2.5 mm to 5.0 mm
Cooling Natural Air
Insulation Class F F
Weight (Appr.) kg 44 76
Area of Use
  • Very useful for small workshops.
  • Useful for fabrication of grills, gates and railings.
  • Useful in sheet-metal body, cupboards and other furniture workshops.
  • Best-suited for starting a small workshop.
  • Due to it being light-weight and small, it is easy to be carried at work site.
  • Best-suited for maintenance and reparing work.
  • Useful for light to medium duty fabrication work.
  • Useful for maintenance and repairing in industrial plants.
  • Useful in automobile garages, farms and small workshops.

The specifications may change due to continuous R&D efforts.